Japanese PC Compendium: JESUS II ジーザスII PC-88



Developer: Enix
Year: 1987

Description: Sequel to the game Jesus, also for the PC-88.

Story: Set 4 years after the events of the first game, the story begins onboard the Callisto - a passenger ship sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. Kazuya Goshiki and his good friend Shinji Saeki are onboard with their Beagle 3WD (3 Wheel Drive) and are on their way to the Monaco motor race. As they run through some final adjustments on their vehicle, Kazuya notices that the ship has stopped moving. Fearing that this will hinder their preparations, Kazuya decides to go out and see what's going on. He eventually ends up on the deck and finds out that the reason the ship has stopped is because of a fault with the antenna. Knowing that there isn't much he can do Kazuya thinks of heading back inside, but right before he leaves a mysterious object from the sky crashes nearby and causes a large impact - knocking him out in the process.
After being treated by the doctor, Kazuya finds out that the object was some sort of container. It was initially believed that it was just junk from the Earth's stratosphere, but it is later revealed that the container is directly connected to the Halley’s Comet incident from 4 years ago - the time when 6 members of the Halley research project were killed by an alien monster. As suspicions of these recent events begin to grow, some of the ship’s crew are mysteriously killed, and Kazuya quickly finds himself involved in a plot that could affect the fate of the world. [Source]