Japanese PC Compendium: Windows/DOS Ports

Windows/DOS Ports

All the titles in this list are Japanese computer games ported or remade for Windows/DOS platforms.
These games can be slightly modified, censored or a bit different from their original versions.
Some of them were officially released in English or translated by fans.

Game List

Amy's Fantasies (C's Ware, 1996)

Corpse Party (Remake) (Team GrisGris, 1996)
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EVE Burst Error (C's Ware, 1999)

Elf Classics (Elf, 2000)
Includes: Shangrlia, Shangrlia 2 and YU-NO: Kono yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo (Translated by TLWiki)

Fatal Relations (C's Ware. 1998)

Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mokushiroku (ASCII, 1999)

GLO-RI-A ~Kindan no Ketsuzoku~ (C's Ware, 1997)

Immoral Study (Scoop Software Productions, 2000)

Immoral Study 2 (Scoop Software Productions, 2000)

JAST USA Memorial Collection (JAST, 2003)
Includes: Runaway City, Season of the Sakura and Three Sisters' Story

Nocturnal Illusion (Excellents Japan, 1997)

Rance: Quest for Hikari (Alice Soft, 2008)

Rance II:  Rebellious Maidens (Remake) (Alice Soft, 2009)

Viper V-16 (Sogna, 1997)

Xenon: Mugen no Shitai (C's Ware, 1997)

Waku Waku Mahjong Panic! 2 ~Kokushi Musou~ Fairy Nights (JAST USA, 1997)