Japanese PC Compendium: Info/FAQ


If you found this blog, you must probably be familiar with old computers, emulation and such. If not, we're here to introduce you to the forgotten corner of obscure retro gaming.
Japanese PC Compendium's goal is to be a friendly source for Japanese retro home computer games and emulation, as the name suggests. In order to achieve this, we try to list and give details about every title we upload, such as including screenshots, cover art, categories and descriptions. We're also always up to help and reply those who send emails, messages and requests to us.
This site was founded in 2013, so not everything is done yet - there are a lot of games yet to be uploaded and titles to be added on our lists, so this is a long way to go.


━ "I want to contribute/I want to contact you/I'm having problems/I want to report a dead link", etc.
- Go to our Contact Us section, or send an email to japanesepccompendium@outlook.com.
Contributions are always welcome.

━ "Will you upload the game ____ for the platform ____?"
- If it's on our posession, we'll do it as soon as possible (unless they are related to the questions below).

━ "Will you include PC Engine/PC-FX games?"
- Although being developed by NEC and having "PC" in their names, these are consoles. So no.

━ "Will you upload IBM/Apple/Amiga, etc. stuff?"
- No. Only games for Japanese computers.

━ "Will you upload more Windows/DOS games?"
- Only if they're ports/remakes of old games or something like that. We have an entire section for this. But we won't upload games that were originally made for Windows (newer Alicesoft games or other abandonware titles, for instance).

━ (Negative comments about the site's design)
- This is supposed to look like a 90's site. There's room for improvement but I'm quite satisfied with it as it is...

━ "I know a better storage site, etc."
- As long as it has no limitations (such as a time limit, limited number of downloads per day, counter etc) I will accept suggestions. On the contrary, no thanks. I know how much of a pain it is having to wait for downloading stuff.

━ "Why Japanese retro games? Specially computers?"
- Because not many people know about them. Most of them never saw the light of day outside Japan, except for the few H-games that got released in the West, like the classic True Love, and part of the MSX library, etc. There are way too many titles, some of them are masterpieces only a few people get to hear about, which is unfortunate. They deserve to be more acknowledged as part of gaming history.
They are also hard to find (unlike console titles you google and find in seconds for instance), which is why I thought of creating an emulation site only for this purpose. Hopefully it will be a good source to people who want to experience something "new".