Japanese PC Compendium: Words Worth XP ワーズ・ワース XP Windows


Words Worth XP
ワーズ・ワース XP

  Developer: Elf

Year: 2004

Description: God created Light and Shadow and separated them with the power of the divine Words Worth Tablet. One day, the Words Worth Tablet shall be read and all will be understood, and Light and Shadow will join and become complete. But someone has shattered the Tablet. The Tribe of Light and the Tribe of Shadow each blame the other and war ensues for 100 years. The story revolves around the bumbling but very skilled Prince Astral of the Tribe of Shadow who may be the one to bring the Tribes together and restore peace.


Words Worth XP (1.19GB)

Instructions+Applying english patch

Warning: This game is known for having compatibility issues and not running on some computers. If it doesn't work for you with all the instructions I wrote here, try on another computer if possible. If it still doesn't work then it's game over for you.
- Mount the WWXP image with Daemon Tools or your preferred mounting program
- Run Autorun
- At Installer Menu, click Words Worth logo
- Choose the second choice on the menu
- Choose 1.17GB
- Click bottom right button (next)
- Choose bottom right button (next)
- Leave it default and click next again
- "Yes" at the popup
- Install (second choice from bottom)
- Let full install run then click bottom button (finish)
- Exit installer (bottom choice, above the Elf logo)
- Copy all files from the patch folder EXCEPT FOR "WWBASE.EXE" (This file messes up your sound and is responsible for some errors. Don't copy it)
- Right click "ww_english.exe" and set compatiblity mode to Win98 to avoids some issues
- Start game and watch intro movie
- At the screen for hero's name DO NOT change it, do as it says and click the button to the right (do the same later when it comes up in the middle of the game)

If you get the missing d3drm.dll error...
Download it and place it into your WWXP folder & C:\Windows\system32 folder.