Japanese PC Compendium: Gen'ei Toshi: Illusion City 幻影都市 ~イリュージョンシティ~PC-98


Gen'ei Toshi: Illusion City
幻影都市 ~イリュージョンシティ~

Developer: Microcabin

 Description: In the beginning of 21th century a terrible disaster, called "demon-coming crisis", devastated the Asian continent. Hong Kong was most affected by the mysterious demonic attack. Terrible diseases turned the once prosperous city into a pale shadow of itself. But once people came back to see what happened to the isolated city, they saw it was ruled by a new order - a corporation called SIVA. The new order proclaimed New Hong Kong to be an independent state. People's Republic of China and United Kingdom signed an agreement in which they both renounced their claims over the city. 
The player takes on the role of Tianren, a "diver" (demon-hunter) who lives in Hong Kong. His place of birth and the identity of his parents are unknown. Together with a girl named Meihong, he was brought up in the house of a wise Master. Traveling through the huge city, gathering information and fighting demonic forces, Tianren will have to unravel the mystery surrounding the corporation SIVA and the supernatural beings from Chinese myths. [From MobyGames]