Japanese PC Compendium: Paradise Heights ここは楽園荘 Windows


Paradise Heights

Developer: Foster
Year: 1998

Description: You are Keigo Nakadai, a 25 year old average guy who makes his living doing odd jobs. Now he's got a job as a caretaker of a top class apartment block (thanks to your uncle who owns the place) where all the residents are women! So, while your uncle is off to Hawaii, you are in charge of taking care of the place in his absence. As you get 'acquainted' with the local residents, certain suspicious events that disturb the local residents comes to your attention, ultimately leading to the mystery of behind Paradise Heights...




Keep the folder name as it is (ParadiseHeights)
Run the Registry file (Registry Setup)
Right-click the .exe file and go to Properties, then select Run the program as an administrator and Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 95
Then run "RAKUEN.EXE" To play.
The game should work after saving these settings. Enjoy!