Japanese PC Compendium: Net Guardian: Dai Kyo Utage ネットガーディアン : 大狂宴 PC-98


Net Guardian: Dai Kyo Utage
ネットガーディアン : 大狂宴

Developer: Moguraya Soft
Year: 1997

Description: Net Guardian is a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up that takes place in a futuristic virtual reality. Criminals have found ways to hide within the computer system, and corrupt it through their digital manifestations. The player takes the role of a Net Guardian, an angelic-looking creature equipped with destructive weaponry with the goal of wiping out the criminals. The game's environments switch from abstract computer nodes to anime imagery, sometimes parodying popular video games (for example, one of the levels has scenery and enemies reminiscent of Dragon Quest games). The player can collect power-ups that enhance the current weapon, and also switch between different weapon types. Each stages culminates with a boss battle.